Friday, February 27, 2009

WTF – Obama nominated for Nobel Peace Prize!

Am I the only person on this planet who thinks this is BS. Since when have we begun giving Nobel Peace Prizes for a political campaign with great spin capabilities. Not that the Nobel Peace Prize has any credibility of any sort, since they never gave it to this man who deserved it the most, but this is just over the top. By that measure L.K. Advani should get a lifetime achievement Nobel Peace Prize, he's been campaigning for decades.

That's all we heard from over the seas for almost a year and a half "Obama", Obamania, Barak and more Obama. Isn't it way too much hype for a US president. Fine, I agree it's a watershed moment that a black man (atleast he looks black) was elected to the highest office in the United States. Other than that, how exactly do we know he's going to be any better than the last few presidents? Just because the man knows how to talk, doesn't mean he's a Vishnu-incarnate. As far as I know some of the worst men in history spoke as well or even better than Barak. I just think the US is setting itself up for a massive disappointment. I wouldn't be surprised, the way things are going (job losses, stock market crashes, anti-outsourcing policy) some conservatives soon begin to say that they always knew a black man was not up to the job. Such high expectations are most definitely going to have disastrous consequences.