Wednesday, June 28, 2006


The question here mainly is why people are “God-fearing”? How did this phrase even develop? Why should the “Supreme one” become portrayed as one who should be feared. The reason probably is that during the earlier days, priests and gurus put the thought into the heads of people that they would be punished if they performed evil deeds. Yet people who have never even had the thought of doing an evil deed is afraid of Him. This might stem from the fact that the dealing out of justice by the almighty is not consistent. Good people also get punished and the bad people also get rewarded. This pattern instead of causing a lack of belief tended to create an increase in fear. The almighty who was supposed to stand for good and punish evil became to be thought of as an eccentric tyrant who deals out justice mostly correctly but has been known to deal out crazy judgements too. This I believe is what first brought the fear factor to the fore. The misinformation campaign by priests selecting only the favorable examples has probably let this fear from running to hysteric proportions. Or maybe the truth might have caused major disbelief.

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Vicash said...

Define good, define evil.
Does the word "God" originate from "good" or vice versa ?
Does the word "Devil" originate from "evil" or vice versa ?
Does "evil" originate from "Eve" ? Are women "evil" ? .... hahaha :)
Nietzsche said God is Dead in his book. You should read it.
Also, man invented religion because he could not explain the happenings of the universe. Then he invented the path of science to explain everything. He has not reached the end of all explanations. Religion led to priests and kings getting an excuse to take up power. This power brought greed into the picture and since they were humans, and as Machiavelli says it is better to be feared than loved, the God-fearing idea was created. It helped the priests/religious heads to be in control, in power.
If man steps out of a particular belief system, then he can view the fallacies in that system. Some fallacies are so glaring, that it just redefines irrationality of the being. Belief systems were created to maintain a certain order among the chaos that exists. It is another fact that these belief systems have taken up too much importance in people's lives.