Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My Novel/Movie

Overview: The protagonists character is this storys soul. He is someone no one wants to love. He is rudely obnoxious and forward. Doesn’t care about what people around him think of him. He’s never the hypocrite. Behaves the same way with everyone.

Setting: Early 90’s. Protagonist is in the army’s anti-terrorism squad. He’s the best officer in terms of achievement. He’s a stickler for cleanliness and professionalism. He enforces it with almost brutal force amongst his men.

Characters: Protagonist is not a favourite. Disturbing childhood. I’m thinking Tam-Brahm. The person who’s the best for any mission.

One of his superiors is fond of him, because he’s straight and always focused.

He also has a best friend who’s his wingman sorta guy. These two are the only people who like to be even in his vicinity.

One other officer. Pretty good guy, has had a good childhood. Just younger than protagonist. Is happily married. Father's a general. Generally jolly guy, everybody likes him and is diplomatic most of the time, which is probably why everybody likes him. Protagonist hates his guts. Probably because he represents everything that he’s not. Never had a tough childhood, had it good all the time, first thing on his list is to ensure everyone likes him. Which protagonist is totally against.

The second officer's father. The general.

Second officer’s wife. Devoted wife. May play important role later. Truly loving person. Never thinks bad about others. Assumes everyone in the world is good. Refuses to believe otherwise.

Key point: Strangest part of the story is when the protagonist takes a decision which is in no way in line with his character. He risks his life, breaks rules because of some dilemma in his head at that specific moment. And the funny thing is that he does it to help the person he hates. That should be the thing that stuns everyone. There’s no idea anyone has why he did what he did. The result however is that he is handicapped ( at the last instance when he’s just about to be totally victorious ). He hates the pity he now gets. He especially hates it from the second officer and more so her wife, who goes to length to try and take care of him. The ppl who like him and now, a lot more who don’t, are appreciative of his valour, bravery and sacrifice. He hates all of it. He knows it wasn’t bravery, nor was it valor or sacrifice. But he can't explain what it was.


Vicash said...

Slight hint of Kane & Abel here dude. No sexual congress between the protagonist and the second officer's wife ;) I mean, she could hate the second officer's "i am always a nice guy" thingy you know. She might have had a slutty past ;) haha, me just flowing with ideas here. Indian audiences will think what is the point of the movie ? They will try to slot it into genres - romance, drama, action, comedy, tragedy. When it comes to drama, they will think this does not identify with their real lives, although it will because it does happen to a lot of people. People with personalities that are split between the sociopath and its opposite. Like mine ? or Like yours ?

Vicash said...

Ok I finally got the plot. The protagonist is a homosexual. He hence does not identify with everyone else. He secretly has feelings of sexual attraction towards the second dude. That explains all, and also explains the anger towards the second dude's wife.

Sujeet Pillai said...

It's not kane and abel. There's no actual rivalry between the two officers, only that the protagonist hates the other guys guts. And the second officers wife is a saint whom many would call foolish. But she believes in what she does.

ankur said...

seems 2 be a plot whose hero has read the fountainhead or is a crossover between linkin park and ayn rand . a character who tried 2 be roark and now seems 2 be interval hero of sm standard hindi movie..........
Dunno ................

Anonymous said...

The dude's not Roark by a long way. He's just a guy who hates everyone!!! Troubled Childhood... and generally hates the world. What characteristics does he have of a bollywood hero???
Not even a romantic interest!!!!!

Sujeet Pillai

Vicash said...

Why does a troubled childhood bring hatred in people ? Why should someone have a troubled childhood to actually hate someone ?
You do know about the medical condition known as psychopathy right? If not look on wikipedia.

Well if you look at Sunny Deol's films, the older ones, he hates the world in those films too. Maybe some Farrukh Sheikh films harping on handicap of a person also... so yes too many relations to Bollywood. Bollywood is not all song and dance, look at the movies of the 80s, and some of the early 70s. Sanjeev Kumar movies. Clearly you have spent too much time watching masala-action-comedy stuff.

Skanda said...

I found the basic premise interesting. As I understand it, the story develops a oneliner, "What if one does something against one's principles, and people see him as a hero for his actions, when he personally knows that it is against his principles". Things like this are difficult to depict, and the difficulty is seen in the way you have developed a story around the premise. However complicated the plot be, the story has to be lucid and believable for people to take it. In my view, for as interesting a plot as this, the story has not been developed properly. I am sure there is a right story for this plot, and it can be found.