Monday, December 08, 2008

Strategy to get the men on India's wishlist!

The captured terrorist Kasav mentions that he undertook this mission for:

  1. The brainwashing and the indoctrination he underwent
  2. The money promised to his family (1.5L odd Pakistani Rupees)

The concept is to use these emoluments against these people on the wishlist. The brainwashing we can't provide much of, but money we've got adequate amounts. If the LeT/ISI/Al Qaeda can provide 1.5L PKR I'm sure us being the second fastest economy in the world can offer more. So it's quite a simple strategy.

  • Make a list of the people in Pakistan we want disposed of – Done
  • Make a list of targets in Pakistan/POK we want destroyed.
  • Assign monetary rewards to anyone who hunts them down/destroys these targets and provides proof of their kills.
  • Start with a small fry/easy target and prove that we intend to actually pay.

Why this will work:

  • Pakistan already has a great number of arms and ammunition in open supply. We would not even have to provide weapons
  • Pakistan already has a great number of people with arms training. We would not even have to supply training.
  • The economic condition is so bad, I'm sure there are people willing to take on the Pakistani army for a few rupees. In fact I think we might get some Pak Army deserters itself to do this for us. Supposedly upto 900 desertions are happening every week.
  • Don't have to put our army into harm's way. Let Pakistan reap what it sowed!
  • Ppl like Dawood will begin to distrust everyone. Everyone he meets will be a potential assassin. Even if it doesn't kill him, we'll still have him peeing in his pants

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