Saturday, May 30, 2009

Newspaper Cheese

Is it just me or are newspapers and news portals trying to come up pithy headlines for their stories and end up with very cheesy results. I'm guessing the elections have somehow opened all eyes towards India's youth and the news channels and portals are trying to fit their headlines to the youth's ways of thinking and is turning out to be a disaster. Guess you just can't teach an old horse new tricks. News companies still having self-righteous, pompous screamers for editors just can't seem to cater to the youth in terms of news headlines atleast. I'm guessing that's why people are turning more to online aggregated sources to keep out the news companies inherent biases and prejudices. Some examples of these lines:
  1. MS office installed, UPA 2.0 begins operations - Yuck!!
  2. Singh is king! - God haven't they used that like a 100 times already?
  3. Leno set to say 'No Tonight anymore' on the show - What the hell does that even mean?
  4. Wind beneath their feet - Guess what this is about
Of late I've had a few comments to make about how the news media especially the English media in India is going about their work. Probably will do a few posts on that soon.

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