Saturday, March 21, 2009

Amisha Patel for Prime Minister!

So Amisha Patel is contesting from Rajkot on an NCP ticket.. I say let's make her PM.. I believe she deserves it more than most of the other PM-wannabe's out there.. Plus, there will be the following advantages!

  1. India will by far have the hottest head-of-state in the world. Carla is only first lady. Suck on that Sarkozy!!
  2. She won't be interrupted in the Lok Sabha like all our other PMs.. I'm sure most of those old-timers will happily let her speak for as long as she wishes as they ogle her.
  3. If "Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic" is anything to go by.. I think South Block will be painted pink, yellow and orange. (That place could use a bit of colour)
  4. The greatest gift that all Indians will receive is that due to her busy schedule.. "SHE'LL STOP ACTING"!!!

I say it's the winning combination.

Talivar Amishaji, Vazhuga

Amisha Patel Nethave dheerathyode nayicholu

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  • Sujeet Pillai

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  • Venugopal Balasubramanian

  • Rajesh "YES WE CAN" Nambiar

  • Moiz Husain

UPDATE: I have recently been updated by my wife and other TOI gossip experts that Amisha Patel contesting is really a rumour. I'm keeping the campaign going though!

UPDATE: Venu's contribution. You can already see that visionary look in her eye. With due apologies to the original ofcourse:


Deeps said...

Wasnt that just a rumour that she termed false...and before her time...!!!!!please tell me it is not we will have Pratibha ji trying out haute couture to quell competition from the pretty PM!!:) :)

Anonymous said...

Amisha..Jai Ho..Check this out

Unknown said...

Well I definitely would support Amisha Patel - think with her lungs or rather her pair of lungs she can outscream besides other things.

Maybe even be the official spokeswoman for NCP now that Sharad Pawar almost always speaks with a skewed face.

And maybe its time for the Amisha starrer 'Hum Lungs De Chuke Sharad'

Figety Writer said...

I totally support this idea. Its a good way to get back at all the political leaders in the world!!