Thursday, April 09, 2009

More on Amisha Patel for PM

Well, I've got some good feedback on my Amisha Patel for PM Post. In a recent debate with a friend, I realized that Amishaji (All the PM candidates have that suffix) should not fight from the NCP but form her own party.

Name: Secular All India Brainless,Asinine Bimbos Association (SAIBABA - We're Secular)

Prime Ministerial Candidate: Amisha Patel (Right now we believe only Amishaji has the statesman like character to be PM)
Party President: Celina Jaitley
Other party members:

  • Riya Sen

  • The entire female cast of all MTV "Reality" Shows (Roadies, Splitsvilla, GTalk)

  • Karan Johar

Party agenda: To make India a more silicone implanted, Botox laden beauty, but reduce the average IQ by several points. This IQ has never been good for us. We don't have any, look where it got us?

Campaign Strategy: Get a mudpit and get two Roadies contenders and make them have a catfight, should attract enough voters. Celina Jaitley/Riya Sen could wow them with their Hindi spoken in English.

Campaign Symbol:

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