Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Political Clouds

I came across this interesting concept at the An Unquiet Mind Blog. Just wanted to replicate some of that and include the BJP manifesto. Due acknowledgement to Mahendra for this idea. Below are word clouds representing the BJP and INC manifestos. The only words removed are "Indian National Congress", "BJP" and "Bharatiya Janata Party"

The BJP Cloud

The INC Cloud

Mahendra's idea has unleashed a monster. I realized that Wordle could also do RSS feeds. So I took google's RSS news feeds on both the BJP and the INC and created word clouds on what the news was talking about them currently.. Some interesting notes:

  1. Advani is bigger than Manmohan in the INC cloud. Lalu is even bigger than Advani.
  2. Surprisingly neither "Gandhi" or "Rahul/Sonia/Priyanka" figure much prominently
  3. The word "hindu" features in equal prominence in both clouds.
  4. The word 'infrastructure' features quite prominently on the BJP cloud, but not at all on the Congress cloud
Here are the clouds:


Mahendra said...

Hey, thanks!

I was wondering whether to wait till the BJP one came out, but then decided to go ahead without it.

Thanks for doing it. It is now complete and gives a sense of closure! :-)

Nanana said...

Nice Bhoos... :)